Do you remember the moment you knew you were going to love Rock and Roll for the rest of your life? Was it a subtle push or was it a lightning bolt? Maybe it was a song you heard on the radio or maybe even at a show. For me, it was a cool older brother and Led Zeppelin. It was 1969 and I was 6-years old. I remember hearing something coming from my brother's room and decided to go follow the sound. Little did I know that that moment would change my life. Yup, it's not a stretch to say that it sent me on a path of wanting to hear and share rock and roll, and probably led me to my current post on the WBLM Morning Show.

And by the way, the picture at the top is me. It was my second birthday and I received my cool plastic Beatles guitar. It's probably worth a fortune now. Notice the toy record player as well. And the suit! I was doing the Angus Young thing VERY early on.

A few years back I told the whole story on Maine Public. There ran a wonderful series called Music That Moves Me and I was honored to be asked to share my first rock and roll memory. I'm eternally grateful for John Keimel at MBPN and the amazing production job he did to bring my story alive. Thanks, John!

Here's the song that got me into rock and roll. What was yours? Thanks, Led Zeppelin!



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