I found my twin this weekend. And guess what, we both have recently made Public Service Announcements to promote people to wear masks.

What are the odds of that?

When I did mine I wanted it to be a little bit understated. I wanted to make my points and not come off too preachy. I really do think people should be wearing masks, but I know it's hard....especially if you've been wearing a mask for 8 hours at work every day.

That's also why I made sure I was "caught" not wearing a mask at the end of the PSA. Hey, I'm not perfect by a long shot and I wanted to show that.

By the way, that was an ad-lib and I'm so glad we kept for the final version that's all over TV right now.

Then the legendary Lori Voornas from the WJBQ Morning Show from across the hall sent me ANOTHER PSA by me. Or at least the dude looked like me. Maybe he's my evil, slightly-chubbier twin!

This "Evil Twin" PSA makes the same point as mine but maybe comes off just a tad bit more sarcastic.

Contrast and Compare Time. Here's MY Wear A Mask PSA.



And here's my Evil Twin's Wear A Mask PSA. 


There's a part of me that wishes I had made THIS PSA. But hey, I gotta be me and I'm proud of what we made with our friends at Lee Auto Malls. Plus the slo-mo walk around Monument Square and One City Center is very action hero for me and that's a first!

Either way me and my Evil Twin both hope you protect your self, your loved ones, and your fellow Mainers by wearing a mask in public.

It's one of the ways we are going to beat this thing plus it looks VERY Rock and Roll.




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