Our buddies in the band, Flooded Cellar released a new video today on YouTube and if you're a wicked Mainah (as if you ain't), you should see it. The song is called Inside Maine's Outdoors. We gotta warn ya, it'll be stuck in your head after the first listen.

The song was originally used as the theme song to a local TV show hosted by Tony Bennett of Down East Dickering fame. The band decided to give the song that celebrates how great being outside in Maine is a fresh coat of paint, by creating a video.

Flooded Cellar are from Lovell. We've featured their wicked funny songs about everything from tick checks, to stacking wood, mud season and more. They get us, because they are us!

It features the band frolicking about in the summahtime out theah by Kezah Lake. Enjoy!

"You oughta come and see just how friendly we can be, Inside Maine's Outdoors."


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