We set the clocks ahead one hour this weekend and welcome the coming of spring and warmer weather!

One thing I could never understand is Daylight Saving Time. Why would we want to set our clocks back an hour during the coldest, darkest months of the year? Why do we want it to get darker earlier? It just didn't make sense to me, until someone explained that by setting the clocks back an hour in the fall it will get lighter earlier in the morning. Who cares about that? I thought to myself.  Wouldn't people rather have a little bit more daylight in the evening so it doesn't get dark at 4:30 and send people into a winter depression? I've been told that it was created years and years ago for the farmers so they can start their chores in the morning. Hey guess what, we now have lights for that! I've been told it started during the war. But for what? Which war? Did they think it would end an hour earlier or something? Whatever the reason is or was it's my belief that we simply don't need to observe Daylight Saving Time anymore.

And I'm not alone. There is a bill currently at the State House that would essentially do away with the time changes.

WGME reports that a measure in Augusta would put Maine in the Atlantic time zone which means we wouldn't set our clocks back an hour in the fall, but the rest of New England would. So we would be an hour ahead of our neighboring states in the winter months but in spring and summer we would all be on the same time again.

Believe it or not a public hearing is scheduled for next week but son't get your hopes up, bills like this one have all failed in the past. Besides, any change would need approval from Congress and the U.S. Department of Transportation.



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