As much as most people that I know despise Daylight Saving Time, (there's no "s" at the end, BTW), it sure feels nice to set our clocks back an hour when it ends!

Officially DST ends at 2am Sunday morning, but most of us will set our clocks back tonight after brushing our teeth and putting on our pajamas, but before planning on what we will order at  brunch tomorrow morning.

Your cable box, smartphones and just about anything digital will take care of it on their own, but most appliances, ovens, microwaves, some cars and all of the battery operated wall clocks in your house will require your personal attention.

Since we're taking care of business, why not multi-task? I found an article at full of great ideas. I have decided to use my extra hour tomorrow to be a productive citizen and knock these tasks off the list:

  • Restock your emergency kits. I keep one in each vehicle and I know that after a summer of running barefoot and mosquito bites, we are running low on band aids and disinfectant wipes.
  • Clean out your gutters. After all of the fallen leaves during the last couple storms, you know they need it. You'll be so glad you did when the spring rain comes. Clear your storm drains while you're at it.
  • If you hate the low battery alarm on smoke detectors as much as I do, then take some time tomorrow to replace their batteries before they wake you up at 3am.
  • Check your furnace and air filters that get nasty over the course of a year.

Do you have any to share? Comment on  our Fan Page.

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