Now that we've fallen back an hour, and it's dark wicked early every day, people are debating whether or not we should nuke daylight saving time here in Maine.

What do you think?

This article in the Bangor Daily News points out that a recent survey of people in Europe shows that more than 80% of people would do away with the time change.

Here in Maine, we've debated this before. Most recently, there was a failed push to get us to join the Atlantic Time zone, making us one hour earlier than the rest of the US east coast, on Eastern Time.

The Maine House of Representatives voted to join Atlantic time only if Massachusetts and New Hampshire did the same.

They didn't.

This article in the Portland Press Herald this week says that "switching the clocks is a confusing temporal process that confounds the world."

Do you support dumping daylight saving time, or even moving to a new time zone? Let us know in the comments!

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