We come from tough stock here in Maine. We grumble through snow storms, but we are up and at it early to plow the driveway and clean off the car. We dig in and get 'er done. Life in Maine is challenging at times, but nothing brings us to our knees like Daylight Saving Time. That's right, losing an hour messes with us for days.

According to CBS News, springing forward isn't just a little bit disruptive to our lives, it can be downright dangerous!

Here are some ways Daylight Saving messes with us:

  • Heart attacks go up by a whopping 25%.
  • Workplace productivity drops, we procrastinate and spend more time online. My other screen is open to the Ikea website. True story.
  • Maybe it's because of drowsy driving, but car accidents increase by about 8% for a few days after springing forward.
  • Judges hand out harsher sentences, they are tired and grumpy too.
  • Our stress levels jump by 5%. Resetting our clocks is cause for anxiety because I always mess something up. I'll set my alarm to p.m. instead of a.m., stuff like that.
  • Workplace injuries are an issue too, so be safe out there.
  • The change in time also causes food cravings. That's why I was eating leftover Indian take out at 9 p.m.

It will take a few days, but we'll get back on track and we'll enjoying the extra hour before you know it.

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