Julien Edelman has become a superstar beyond the football field after his amazing catch during Super Bowl LI. He's appeared on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and now is in a new commercial for Prime Auto Group.

You might not recognize him though as he appears without his signature beard. He's shown as Julian Edelman 'Big Shot Director' and questions David Rosenberg of Prime about what it means to be fast, fair and simple. Instead he wants to captivate the viewer and shows his version of a Prime commercial that looks and sounds like it's right out of the 80s.

That's all great, but what we really want to know is, did Julian shave his beard? Thanks to our sister station in New Bedford, MA we know the answer.

This photo was taken in Newport Beach, CA on February 15 and the beard is still there.


So clearly this new Prime ad was filmed BB. Before Beard.

Which look do you prefer though. Beard or no beard on Julian? Take our poll to let us know.

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