We miss concerts so much right now. I don't think I've EVER gone this long without seeing some sort of live performance. And while it's tough for us fans, it's even tougher for the bands and all of the fine people that make their living putting on shows. We found this fantastic video on the State Theatre Facebook page. Lauren Wayne leads her squad with doing hundreds of shows every year at the State Theatre and Port City Music Hall.  In this video, Lauren and her crew give us an idea of what it's like to be on the sidelines right now in the concert business. And how they even miss you pain in the butt people that can't find their mobile ticket. Hint...look on your phone.




There's been a lot of talk this week about how we are going to bring back concerts. We've heard everything from Drive-In concerts to concerts where we are going to have to wear space helmets. We even have details and the seating chart for a concert happening this weekend in Arkansas. The feedback we are getting from you all is that you want the real thing. Not in cars or in spacesuits. But when we can, when it's safe, that the concert business will be bigger and better than ever. Hang in there State Theatre and Port City Music Hall crew! Know that when you open the doors, Mainers will be there...looking for that damned mobile ticket we can't find.



Herb Ivy
Herb Ivy


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