Have you ever wondered how the rest of the world looks at Maine? Well, I do all the time, because I'm clearly image-conscience. However, I'm not talking about us personally. I'm wondering what those from away think about the very things that makes Maine, well, Maine.

With tourist season heavily underway, I decided to take a look at travel site TripAdvisor's Portland, Maine page. I wanted to see what those outsiders (along with Mainers) thought of our most cherished landmarks, museums, breweries, and outings in the Forest City.

Below is a list of the Top 20 attractions here in Portland based on TripAdvisor's 'Traveler Favorites.' Those rankings look at ratings, reviews, photos, and popularity metrics.

The Top 20 is a solid list in my opinion. It's a diverse mix that includes breweries, iconic locations, historic landmarks, museums, and even an oddball or two.

It's no surprise to see Allagash Brewing and the Portland Museum of Art. Those may be two of the most popular spots in all of Maine. It was also expected to see Casco Bay and the islands peppered throughout the list. After all, it is a special place.

There were some omissions. It was surprising not see more breweries on the list, considering Maine's craft beer reputation. The Back Cove Trail also missed out. This is certainly another surprise, considering how popular it is.

However, we must respect the system, no matter how wild these lists can be.

You can see the entire list below, from the Children's Museum to Allagash. How many of these have you been to? How many do you agree should be on the list?

TripAdvisor's Top-20 Things to do in Portland, Maine

Looking for fun thins to do in Portland, ME? Here is what the reviewers on TripAdvisor say are the 20 best attractions.

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