It's a Friday in Blimpville and we'd like to do our part in making it a friggin funny one! This oughta do the trick right heeya mistah. Harpswell's Teagan Wright is back with another on-the-water report from the back of the fishin' boat from the rockbound coast of Maine.

This is the 5th or 6th episode in his Facebook series doing his hilarious Sternman character. In this week's Sternman's Log, there's been a noisy catastrophe involving his lunchbox which he thought was safe up front with the Captain. Who's to blame for that?

Oh the humanity! The Sternman will get him back though, you'll see.  Also, the Sternman explains the best way to go when ya gotta go, out on the high seas.

Watch the next episode of Teagan's Maine travel/adventure show "From Away" this Saturday night at 7:30 on Maine's CW WPXT.

The Brunswick native takes all over Vacationland to the tough as nails people who help make our state the best place on Earth. Stories about everything from blueberries to potatoes to scallops and much more!

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