In the classic Here Comes My Girl, the great Tom Petty sings,

"Every now and then I get down to the end of the day I'll   just stop... ask myself: why I've done it? It just seems so useless to have to work so hard  And nothin' ever really seem to come from it."

Everytime I hear that epic song on WBLM, I think of all the Mainers on the jobsite totally relating to that line.

Well now we have a song that hardworking Blimpsters can call their own. It's by fellow local laborers and moonlighting musicians, Flooded Cellar from Lovell. We've featured their wicked funny songs about everything from tick checks, to stacking wood, mud season and more. They get us, because they are us!

And now as we all keep dreaming of retirement in a place more tropical someday. WBLM proudly presents their latest, Too Old For This Ship.

Kinda like Too Old For This Sh*t...get it?

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