Today is a pretty important day. Quite frankly, we celebrate beer and celebrate with beer daily all year round.  But we love beer so much, it really does deserve it's own holiday. In case you didn't know already, April 7th is National Beer Day.  

Portland, Maine is the Craft Brew Center of the Universe. Because of that we are blessed to be able to choose from a wicked huge number of breweries with so many great ales pilsners, lagers and stouts to choose from. People come from near and far to experience all great flavor of the Pine Tree Sate.

Here's my Top 5 Must-Have Local Brews:

  1. Geary's Hampshire Special Ale- At 7% ABV, This is the one to have when I'm only having one. (or two, or three...)   
  2. Bissell Brothers Substance Ale-I love to have this with a plate of sweet potato fries...6.6 ABV so again, not suckin' down a rack of poundahs. Worth getting in line for.
  3. Allagash White (belgian style wheat)-When I'm out at one of the many classy Portland joints, I go with the fine wine of beers.
  4. Gritty's Vacationland Summer Ale-Lower ABV than the previously mentioned ales at 4.9%, yet it's richer than other watered-down lighter warm weather beers so I get to have a few at a time in the summah.
  5. Maine Beer Company Lunch IPA This is my east coast/west coast jam! The call it 'Lunch' but I usually have it with a nice seafood platter of fried haddock, scallops and shrimp for dinner. ABV is 7% so again, just havin' a couple gurglies. 

As you can see, my go to is generally an ale for what ales ya. I find the hoppiness compliments the aromatic terpenes of another happy plant. Don't get mad if your beer didn't make the list. Maybe I haven't tried it yet. Remember to drink responsibly and always have a designated driver. Cheers!

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What's are your favorite local brews? #NationalBeerDay

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