No concerts in Maine for awhile? No problem!

We've got the greatest fantasy concert of all time for Blimpville this Wednesday. It's Bimpstock! 12 hours of non-stop live rock and roll from the legendary Blimp Archives.

And after much "negotiating" with all the bands ( which is code for us Blimp DJ's arguing over who got what band to play), we have an Official Blimpstock Schedule,




7:00 am -Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band

7:30 am-Journey

8:00 am -Guns 'N Roses

8:30 am-Queen

9:00 am-Eric Clapton

9:30 am-Van Halen

10:00 am-The Rolling Stones

10:30 am-Lynyrd Skynyrd

11:00 am -Jimi Hendrix

11:30 am-Paul McCartney

12:00 pm-J Geils Band

12:30 pm-The Who

1:00 pm-Rush

1:30 pm-Aerosmith

2:00 pm-Def Leppard

2:30 pm-AC/DC

3:00 pm -Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band

3:30 pm-Ozzy Osbourne

4:00 pm-Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers

4:30 pm-Led Zeppelin

5:00 pm-Pink Floyd

5:30 pm-The Grateful Dead

6:00 pm-The Allman Brothers



Pretty good lineup, right? Join us for 12 hours of peace, love and social distancing as WBLM and Lee Auto Malls present Blimpstock, this Wednesday, April 1, from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.


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