These are my black O.P. summertime flip flops. They served me well. They carried me safely across scalding beach sands, transported me through Farmer's Markets and escorted me into One City Center to work every morning, but their time is done. They are worn and, I'll admit, a little stinky. Off they go. But, it is a loss. They were so convenient. I could just slide into them to let the dogs in or to take part in my favorite obsession, checking the mail. The next few months will require socks and shoelaces and other fussy stuff, so I know I will miss my beat-up black flip flops. Summer clothes don't really seem to know their place in Maine. We shun all of the fashion etiquette and do what we want. In some cases that means shorts in February.

Have you retired your summer wardrobe now that we are into October? What summer item do you cling to? Comment on our Fan Page or tweet #toowarmforpants

I am shopping for some wool and corduroy and some slip on Bean Boots.



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