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Many summers ago the WBLM Morning Show played a rap song for the very first time. No, it wasn’t by Biggie, Snoop, or Tupac. It was sent to us by a very funny and talented New Englander named, Eben Clukey (a former Masshole who exiled to the Pine Tree State a few years back). Mr. Man is a Maine truck driver frustrated that he’s stuck on the road (probably Route One) in tourist traffic and he needs to get home in time for suppah with muthah! Well it's that time of year again. So we thought we should dig out this great fan-made video which features a slideshow of hilarious Only in Maine images to go along with song. The best part may be during the quick musical interlude in the middle which simply spotlights a Maine potato. Get ready to get an assfull of Peterbilt! 

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