Here at WBLM, we are blessed to have a huge audience of loyal listeners like you that for decades we have affectionately referred to as Blimpsters.

Well today I got a very moving request from a Blimpster in Limington, Maine. Her name is Sammey Glantz and she lives in Limington.

Sammey wants to do something incredible touching for her great grandfather who will be turning 98 in November.

Sammey Glantz via Facebook
Sammey Glantz via Facebook

She is asking anyone who sees her Facebook post to please take a moment to and send him a birthday card.

Her hope is that his mailbox will be flooded with well wishes to make this year "his best birthday yet!"

His name is George "Skip" McGahey and he is an American hero who "completed 29 air combat missions as a gunner over Germany during World War II."

Wow! It's the least we can do to show our appreciation for his bravery and service.

Let's do this!

Help WBLM spread the word and let's use the powerful size of the our audience (you guys) to make this a celebration for him that will fill him with love from all over Blimpville.

Send cards to:
George “Skip” McGahey
42 McKenney Road
Saco, ME 04072

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