May is ALS Awareness Month. In honor of that, your friends at WBLM would like to share with you this short, touching video from a lifelong Blimpster who was recently recognized as an ALS Association hero in Arizona. His name is Noel LeVasseur and he's not only a friend of the Blimp's, he's also one of my Augusta pals since childhood. We met at the age of 7 and have been the best of friends for about 45 years now.

You might remember that we helped with a fundraiser at the Calumet Club in Augusta in march of last year, after hearing of his diagnosis with ALS/Lou Gehrig's Disease. Noel has lost strength in his arms and hands. His speech is also affected. He doesn't dwell on that though. Noel and his wife Jen have continued to work tirelessly advocating for the defeat of this terrible disease. There have been more fundraisers, walks over the past year and into this one. He's also been participating in studies to further the science and get closer to a cure.

Please watch this inspiring moment when Noel addresses the crowd at an National ALS Association dinner after being presented a well deserved award for being the 2019 Hero of the Northern New England Chapter. You'll hear why he'll keep fighting the good fight for all affected by ALS. WBLM is LeVasseur Strong. So proud of you my brother! Love, Gu


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