Yes 2020 sucks real bad. Lucky for us, Maine's King of Comedy Bob Marley has been keeping us laughing all year long.

This summer he has been bringing the laughter to fans with a bunch of drive-in shows around the state. Bob has also brought his one of a kind stand-up comedy to venues like the Clambake in Scarborough and Jonathan's in Ogunquit.

He's been posting very funny videos almost daily on his Facebook page too.

The latest one is maybe my favorite one yet. That's because even though I'm 53, fart jokes still make me laugh so hard that whatever I'm drinking shoots right out my nose.

This is a story of show stopping flatulence.

When Bob does an indoor show, the crowd size is limited to 50 people. Now if you were ever in the audience at a Bob Marley show before the pandemic, the crowds were likely big enough then to do the ol' one cheek sneak and get away with it.

Watch as Bob hilariously tells the story of an audience member felt one brewing then gambled that the laughter would disguise it, and lost.

To make matters worse, the offending 'fahtah' was identified out loud to everyone by the friend she came with when Bob asked who did it.

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