Yuh, ya Dad might seem like a miserable S.O.B sometimes. But you know what? Beneath that grouchy rough exterior, he just wants to keep you safe.

So let's all show him the respect he deserves by heeding his warnings.

If you grew up in Maine, we’re pretty sure that this guy sounds just like your fah-thah or grand fah-thah. Jeezum crowbah bub, maybe this guy is you. He’s ‘Donny the Grumpy Maine Dad’.

Donny is back with a wicked funny new Public Service Announcement created by O'Chang Comics to make damn sure you kids "wash your grubby paws for at least 20 seconds".

He also warns "city folks thinkin' about hidin' out up heah" that "we don't wanna have tah go all Vinalhaven on ya".

Unless you wanna catch hell, you bettah do as Donny says. This is as real as it gets right heah. "So fah now. STAY THE FACK HOME."

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