Everyday I wake up in this beautiful state, I do my best to have an attitude of gratitude for where we live and the good people around. There's seems to be a unique 'neighbors helping neighbors' moral code that is instilled upon our souls.

Yeah of course there are good people in places other than Maine, however there's a special kindness among us. It must be something in the pure air we breathe. I just came across an amazing example of that Maine goodness on Facebook.

It's from a group I follow called Maine As F*ck. Something being Maine As F*ck is difficult to articulate, but we know it when we see it. Know what I'm sayin'?

According to a recent post, there's a place to get eats in on Route 3 in South Montville that is paying it forward with vouchers for hungry Mainers. They are Maine Makers Society, a deli market and art gallery.

Customers have the option to buy a vouchers while they are getting a meal for themselves to take care of a stranger who might need some help.

Way to go Maine Makers Society! Let's see more of this out there!

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