You may be wondering why a TV show about Maine would be called 'From Away'. Doesn't that sound like a show about folks who don't live here? 

The shows creator and host Teagan Wright explains on his Facebook page,

I am from Maine, born and bred, this is (hopefully) just the first season the aim is to go to states all across the country doing the same thing. Plus its more of like...ya know...a metaphor for learning new ways of life even if just in Maine.


The new adventurous mini-series premieres this Sunday at noon on Portland's Fox 23. Teagan will take us all over, visiting with the hard-working and hard-playing Mainers that help make our state the best place on Earth.


Maine is a very unique part of the US that exemplifies rugged individualism and getting things done right by ourselves.

Teagan's great sense of humor and wicked enthusiasm for our home, makes this look like a real winnah.

We can't friggin' wait to watch! 

From Away Maine from Teagan Wright on Vimeo.