From Away

Maine TV Show "From Away" Is Back And All-New
Fans of the Maine TV adventure/travel show "From Away" will be wicked psyched to know that it's coming back. And we don't even have to wait very long at all. It returns this weekend with the first of a new season of episodes!
WATCH: A Salute To Maine Scallop Dragging, Bub
So much intense effort on the unsteady ocean is gone through to make sure we can enjoy some pan seared beauties at some fancy restaurant. A good attitude and a sense of humor is essential. No lack of that with these guys!
Maine TV Show 'From Away' Takes Us Friggin' Scallop Draggin'
This latest episode of Maine's From Away reminds us that there are some crazy bastids (and you know, we say that with love) out there draggin' for scallops in the brutal cold. Meet Erik Waterman Captain of the N/V Sea Star outta Spruce Head. Eric and his crew do all kinds of commercial fis…
Wicked Funny: Chuckin' Jahnk in Maine!
Hardworking Blimpsters can all relate to this video. If you're a contractor on a job that requires any demolition, you know you can just throw away all that old wood. There might be a good piece in there, right?

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