A new brewpub in Southern Maine has opened its doors, and has this author very intrigued.

Sacred Profane Brewing officially opened for business recently. The new spot is located in Biddeford at 50 Washington Street. This means Sacred Profane Brewing will join a food scene in a town that Food and Wine Magazine called on of the next best food cities in America.

Sacred Profane Brewing via Instagram
Sacred Profane Brewing via Instagram

The brewery is owned by head brewer Brienne Allan, along with Erin Sheehan, Michael Fava, and Carson James. It's literally a murderer's row of hospitality heavy hitters that came together for this project. The Portland Press Herald profiled Allan and the new joint in early August.

According to Portland Food Map, the brewery is focusing on Czech-style lagers. The brewery has a Central European-style beer hall, as if you were transported right to Prague (yes, Central Europe. Don't tell Czechs they are Eastern European).

Portland Food Map lists some of the menu items that will be featured. They include schnitzels, beef tartare, salads, poutines, and more. Yes, please.

This is a dream come true for lovers of all things Bohemia. It's also a concept that is rare as rare can get. One does not throw Czech cuisine in the conversation of world food favorites often. Sacred Profrane has a tremendous opportunity to truly show off some delicious Czech classics and open a lot of diners' eyes.

As for the beer? Czech beer stands alone at the top. I'm pretty sure that's indisputable. However, it's much more complex than a simple pilsner or one-note lager. I am quite excited to see what Allen has created, especially considering her time she spent studying the style in Prague.

I can tell you this Czech-American is very excited to take a trip to Sacred Profane, and experience the fresh flavors and fun of Czech and Maine beer culture combining. I also plan to eat my weight in schnitzel.

Na zdraví!

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