We came across this spot-on list of rules for tourists to go over (and hopefully agree to) before they invade Vacationland this year. It was very cleverly written by Maine's own Stephen LaPointe on his Facebook page just before Memorial Day Weekend. Well done, bub. This is wicked funny stuff right heah!

Now that we got rules laid down for summah visitahs', let's give 'em a lesson on how to talk like us!  Youtube user, Ryan Prescott of Calais is here to "teach people how to talk good"...wicked good that is. He's no old timah. But he sure does get it. The vernacular (or should we say vehnackulah?) he focuses on is the one heard in Downeast Maine.

While this is a very in-depth and technical breakdown, Ryan really nails it. He even points how a Maine Accent is "sort of like trying to impersonate the Beatles, except you bring it down about half way there." Wow, we never thought of it like that! It makes sense though. After all, this is New England.

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