We're having some work done at the house...ya know painting, new shed, etc. The contractors did an incredible job. Well, today is trash day in our neighborhood. Of course with all the renovating comes extra bags full of cleanup. We noticed that there were two big green ones next to our containers.

I told the contractors who put them there, that they trash truck won't collect that. Ya gotta put 'em in the container provided by the city. No good though. Both our recycling and trash containers were full. Friggin' pain in the ass, but them's the rules.

I'm not the only one with trash collection gripes today. Maine's King of Comedy, Bob Marley took to Facebook with a video today and went off on the the special trash bags that lots of cities around here require us to buy to throw away our sh*t!

Watch as he hilariously goes off on trash day in Southern Maine.

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