Maine is a vast state, with swaths of uninhabited land. There's nothing like driving through parts of the area and seeing signs for "T2 R9" and other odd territories.

It's truly the charm of Maine. We do love our peace, serenity, and lack of traffic. However, the times are changing.

What is the population of Maine?

According to the 2020 Census, Maine has a population of 1,362,359. This is an increase of nearly 40,000 residents since 2010. While the numbers aren't official from 2021, I would venture a guess that the number has increased, considering the housing market boom in this state.

This increase averages out to around a .25% annual rate. This stable rate is wonderful for a state that certainly doesn't need to be thrown into an uncontrollable progression.

Where are people moving to Maine?

What's unique about Maine's growth is that it's everywhere. There are communities in all 16 counties that have seen steady or even high growth rates during this time.

It should be no surprise that the state's most populous and prosperous counties, York and Cumberland, have had exponential growth. However, nearly every county saw growth, stayed stable, or lost just minimally.

What are the fastest-growing towns in Maine?

The growth truly is everywhere. So, I decided to put together a list of the fastest-growing towns. They range from the southern tip of the state all the way up to Aroostook County. It's a wonderful representation of the different regions in the state, and where some of the newest hot spots can be found.

How many of these towns have you visited?

Here are Maine's Fast Growing Towns

The 2010 decade was a steady one for population growth in Maine. According to, a site that analyzes Census data, Maine had a growth of roughly .25% from 2010 to 2020.

That is relatively strong data for a state that continues to grow and progress.

While many towns were in and around that average, there were many that outperformed the state's average.

Here is a look at the towns that had the best growth over that period of time.

Read on for the Top 10 Safest Cities and Towns in Maine released their latest data regarding safe cities and towns in the Pine Tree State. Here are the top 10.

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