Nothing says Happy Holidays from the Pine Tree State like a one-toothed wonder wearing a Santa hat twerking in his banana hammock . The character's name is "Crittah" and he's beloved by fans of the Temp Tales series.

Well, at least I can be sure that he is beloved by the fan writing this article. This Maine "ladies man" was introduced about 6 years ago in an episode called Crittah Gittahz.

We've been crazy for these cartoons since their first episode, Meat Recall. That one went viral in 2013. That was our first introduction to early versions of the lead characters we've come to know as, Green Bud Kelly and his apprentice Adam.

Since then, we've followed them on their Maine adventures as they attempt to get whatever work they can. You either get or you don't. If you’re from 'round heah, I bet you'll be able to relate.

The episodes feature everything from handyman jobs at summer homes for snobby people (probably from away) to hunting down zombie seals. The super talented Portland animators at O’Chang Comics have released a whole bunch of Temp Tales cartoons and have well over 1 million views on their YouTube channel.

 Looks like Crittah's 2020 side hustle could really take off on OnlyFans. Not!

Then again, maybe this'll “put some red in ya rhubarb”. Watch this delightfully disturbing dance from Crittah. We must warn you that the holiday balls are swingin'. Proceed with caution. This is rated "Probably NSFW".

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