TV personality Mike Rowe introduced a popular new show last year on Facebook. It's called Returning the Favor and it features Mike travelling across America finding selfless heroes with truly inspiring stories. Maine was one of the places he visited last season. Mike Rowe and his team traveled to Rome, Maine to honor Travis Mills.

Travis is a retired US Army Staff Sergeant who served Afghanistan. While there bravely serving our country, tragically he lost his arms and legs. Travis is an incredible guy. He is the epitome of never giving up...never giving up on yourself and never giving up on others. The very special others he is committed to never giving up on, are his fellow veterans and their families with his tireless work through the Travis Mills Foundation. Travis has built a retreat for those families. Mike Rowe and his crew came to Maine and took it to next level.

Mike & Travis

The Travis Mills episode is titled A Hero's Retreat is at like 10 million views! Now Mike is thinking maybe we'd like to see Travis get his own show. We think he's absolutely right on with that!

This is a new story of how Travis and his buddy Zach bought a motel on Cobbossee Lake in East Winthrop.

Here's a great sizzle-reel of what the show could be like. They are friggin' wise guys and it looks awesome!



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