I was rifling through my purse in search of a pen, when I came upon this monstrosity. My reciept from Easter shopping at Christmas Tree Shops. My husband must never know of this. I bought everything from Easter basket candy and toys to cleaning supplies, an area rug, the fancy cinnamon/raisin peanut butter that I put on our whole-wheat morning show toast, new make up, books for the kids, 2 table cloths, curtain panels for the living room- pretty much something from every aisle! The good news is that I am using everything that I bought. Sometimes after a Christmas Tree Shops bender not everything makes it out of it's plastic bag in a timely manner. It then becomes labeled as "junk" by my housemates, who won't see the genius in my purchase until we really, really need another set of wooden spoons. Someday the 4 that we have will be broken or lost, but guess what? Somewhere in our house, in a plastic bag will be a whole new set! That is IF I can find the bag. That's a problem sometimes too...

What store is your kryptonite? Do you have a closet or corner in your home where your unused purchases live? Do you supremely over-shop for every holiday? Please share with us on our fan Page or tweet #ineedthat

Hobby Lobby, you're my next target.


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