We were driving down East Bridge Street alongside the Presumpscot in Westbrook on our way into work this morning. Suddenly my wife Sherry joyfully exclaimed, "Fiddleheads are up, bub!"

Before you know it, farmer's markets all over Maine and New Hampshire will once again feature this local delicacy. While Fiddleheads appear to be an acquired taste for many, most locals are as excited as my wife when they are back in season.

If you're planning on venturing into the woods and foraging ferns for yourself by a riverside, make sure you don't touch the poison ivy like 'Ma Derelict' did.  This one's got 30,000 views and counting on the Ma and Pa Derelict Facebook page!

According to their Facebook page Ma and Pa are,

"2 stunning Derelict's on a mission to help other Derelict's solve life problems. They are crude at times but they are extremely intuitive-it's mesmerizing."

In their video series, Ma answers letters sent by New England locals with everything from advice on avoiding North Conway traffic to instruction on how to puff up thin lips. Pa might be on the marquee, but it appears that he prefers to be behind the scenes as Ma gets most all of the screen time. She's a wicked hoot!



Now seriously, here's an official instruction video from the University of Maine to learn more about Fiddleheads and how to make sure you're picking the right ones.




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