It's been more than 20 summers that the Galaxi Coaster has been thrilling riders young and old at Old Orchard Beach's Palace Playland. But if you didn't get a ride in this weekend, you won't get a chance to say goodbye. Next summer, there will be a new roller coaster featured, a one-of-its-kind in the United States.

According to the Portland Press Herald, the owners of Palace Playland have decided it's time for an upgrade to their beachfront amusement park. After the park closes for the season, workers will dismantle the Galaxi Coaster and sell it to a buyer, and in the winter/spring, a brand new roller coaster will take its place.

That coaster will be called the Sea Viper, and will be imported to the United States from Italy. There will be stark differences between the Galaxi and the new Sea Viper, including its height. The Sea Viper will stand 70 feet tall, overlooking the picturesque oceanfront. It will also be about 50 feet longer than the Galaxi, and have a larger capacity for riders, meaning shorter lines.

The project will cost the owners of Palace Playland roughly 4 million dollars. Part of the cost is buying an adjacent parking lot next to the new ride as additional space will be needed to house it.

Maine has not seen a new roller coaster since Funtown/Splashtown assembled the largest wooden roller coaster in New England, the Excalibur, in 1998. Without any substantial project delays, the new Sea Viper should be fully operational in time for the 2018 season in Old Orchard Beach.

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