We keep putting up cautions for our neighbors to be considerate for each other safety this winter. It really doesn't take that much more time to clean the snow and ice completely off your vehicle before you hit the road.

Even if you think it does take too long, please don't be lazy. Please remove it. Apparently, not everyone around here is getting the message and making the effort.

Look, we're all getting sick of winter by now. But we gotta hang in there and make sure we get through the rest of the season safely.

This scary post of damage done to a Jeep was posted the All About Gray & New Gloucester Maine Facebook page earlier this morning. We haven't seen or heard if anyone was hurt. We certainly hope all is well with those involved.

With more snow falling and likely other storms sure to follow this February, it's a very serious reminder to us all to make sure we do the right thing.

Let's keep our rigs free of anything that could fly off and potentially smash into one of our neighbor's windshields.

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