Officer Jeremy Turner is a hit with his '12 Days of Christmas' take!

Want to sing along with Officer Turner? Here are the words provided by the Portland Police Department.

Portland Maine Police Dept Facebook
Portland Maine Police Dept Facebook

Now, pop yourself some popcorn and sit back for this 30 seconds of a) great singing and b) awesome lyrics!

I did have to look up what a BOLO was. I always have FOMO, so I found out what it was. It's 'Be On the Look Out'. Makes sense for the police to always BOLO.

It's a popular rendition of the song! There are over 115,000 views on Facebook! Yup, Officer're a hit!

I have one request, that you rewrite and re-sing all the other Christmas songs out there! I am a fan and can't wait for your version of 'Rudolph the Red Nose Captain'. Or 'Silencer Night'. Or my favorite 'I'm Dreaming of a Blue Christmas'.

Thanks, Officer Turner!

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