It's hard to imagine driving with the windows open, watching butterflies fluttering about and hitting the magical spring-weather benchmark of 70 degrees, but some stores are living the dream and have jumped straight to Easter! I didn't want to leave the spring environment created by our Mill Creek Dollar Tree store. They also had the heat turned up, that was nice.

Here we see a tasteful St. Patrick's Day display. That holiday takes place on March 17th. Still a way to go...

St Pat's Display

In the background of this picture you can see the Valentine's Day display almost hiding behind the Easter decorations! My short kid went nuts! She thinks the Easter Bunny will be delivering a basket any day now. I had to break her little heart by telling her that Easter is months away. She pouted all through dinner.

Easter Display

We had to stop by the Mill Creek U.P.S. Store and ran into my old friend, and Fed Ex Guy, Tony Infantine. It's freaking freezing, so he asked to borrow Anneliese's hat. Wearing a hat indoors is a sure sign that spring is too far off to be shopping for!

Tony Infantine, Fed Ex Guy

After seeing how goofy Tony looked in her hat Anneliese refused to put it back on.

Fed Ex Guy and Cutie Pie

Right now it is minus 6 degrees outside of the studio. I am typing this while wearing my parka and scarf, indoors! Signs in stores are not necessarily true signs of spring, but it does give us something to look forward to. Or do you hate them? I just need to concentrate on one holiday at a time.

Are you annoyed by spring displays and the fact that you can't find snow pants for your kids in the dead of winter, but sherbet colored shorts and beach hoodies are everywhere?! Leave a comment or tweet #toosoonforspringshopping.

Mittens are on clearance and the latest Hello Kitty bathing suit is available. Who is in charge of our retail seasons?! Is there someone I can call?!

My blood boiling is starting to make me warm. Nice.



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