The warmer temps yesterday on May 20 encouraged us to get an air conditioner installed, at least upstairs into the bedrooms (gets freakin' hot like an attic). Yep, it's pretty awesome to get this taste of Maine summer before Memorial Day weekend.

My son asked me if I thought it would be okay to go to the Covered Bridge in Windham for a dip. I remembered seeing a warning about cold water danger So needless to say, Dad advised that swimming would not be a good idea.

We've got another nice one today with highs all over rising above 70.  Even though, official at the National Weather Service in Gray are warning us that the waters are still too cold for jumping in.

Here's a link to more about dangerous cold water safety. Be safe out there, it's still Spring!  Then when it's full on Summertime in Maine, you can really enjoy our lakes, rivers and maybe by August, the ocean.

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