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According to WGME, Kris Howes, owner of Ink Maine in Rumford, has started tattooing clients ahead of the state's approved July date.

It's that time of year when we are all showing more skin and art is on display. Some folks have been looking forward to getting a new tattoo, some need to add color or freshen things up. Kris hasn't had someone in his chair for a tat in ten weeks and he finally just called it and opened up.

Kris came up with a detailed proposal that he submitted to the state for how Maine tattoo shops could safely open by June first. He is frustrated by the lack of response from the state and no action has been taken regarding the paperwork that he submitted.

Check out this video from Kris:

According to Kris, tattoo shops already follow stricter guidelines than salons and additional safety measures are easily implemented. As a matter of fact, he's taken initiative and put them in place himself; he has added aprons, custom masks and sanitizing stations aplenty. When a client enters Ink Maine they are required to sanitize and they get free protective gear as well so that both Kris and the client are protected.

Howes says has had a lot of support from other tattoo artists and says that he knows of other shops that are opening. Kris also says that he's holding his ground, claiming that even if his license is pulled he will stay open and deal with the consequences of a fine if he must.

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