Now that Thanksgiving has come and gone it is officially okay to decorate your house and yard with colorful, sparkling holiday lights. Maybe you're brave enough to get out there in the cold and get to hangin' 'em up. Or, maybe you leave that to the neighbors. Either way we all love to see the magical lights this time of year brightening the long cold nights of another New England winter.

Well, the folks at New Hampshire Motor Speedway in Loudon really know to kick the light show up to the next level! How 'bout this? Once again this year they've transformed the racetrack into an incredible drive-thru wonderland. It starts with a dazzling tunnel to cruise and takes us on a ride to see all kinds of wicked cool displays.

It's called the Gift of Lights and it looks like we'd love it! Especially since we can stay in the car with the heat blastin'.

Check out this illuminating video of the Gift of Lights ride.


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