Riding into Portland from Westbrook on Forest Ave. each morning, my wife and I look up and see the latest message on one of Portland's most recognizable lighted signs. The Time & Temp Clock flashes not only hours, minutes, and degrees.

It also features abbreviated two words messages to promote celebrations in the city. The message this week is, 'SK8 LBS'. We've been scratching our heads trying to figure it out just like you. Does it mean Skate Pounds?

Well, the mystery is solved. Our good friend and awesome weather forecaster, Sarah Long of WMTW News 8 reached out to us with an explanation.

"Hi All, Wanted to give you a heads up about what SK8 LBS means on the Time & Temp building in Portland. We're raffling off a year of Vans at Long's Board Shop. Go Skate Day is this Thursday. Have a good one! Tom & Sarah Long"

So, there ya go. SK8 LBS means Skate Long's Board Shop. Wicked clevah.

The Longs took over the Time & Time Clock  this week to promote the 15th Annual Go Skate Day. They did it to bring attention to this year's celebration and to raise awareness of fundraising for the expansion of the Portland Skate Park. They've also made a donation to the Cromwell Center which allowed the message to crown the Portland skyline.

Wow! Good stuff. Now we know.



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