How many times have we seen in the road and said, "I can make it."

This is why we are constantly being warned by the authorities to never drive into a big puddle. We know. We're guilty of saying 'F' it most of the time and plowing through, just like most numbies. Well, here is a loud and clear example of why shouldn't.

Recently there was a water main break in Worcester, Massachusetts. This guy had apparently had enough of the traffic caused by it. He was cruising in his Chevy pick-up and when he saw the water ahead, looks like he thought he could magically turn his rig into the Bat Boat to skim right over the road pond. Nope. Little did he know, there was a sinkhole in there.

Luckily, he was able to get out via the driver's side window and be pulled to safety before the monster puddle started to swallow the truck whole. Yikes! Watch the video from Boston 25 News and get the full story here


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