When we were at work today after shoveling out the end of the driveway this morning, chances are our collective backs are feeling it to say the least. Especially since many of us got plenty of rain mixed in for a brutal, slushy mess. That brutal, slushy mess is also wicked friggin' heavy. The stuff we call "heart-attack snow" around here.

We came across a video today that looks like it's definitely worth a try. Especially since it probably won't cost you anything. If you've already got a shovel, all you need to do is find some rope. Of course you could always hire a kid from the neighborhood, but that'll cost ya. 

This brilliant tip comes from YouTube user L Kanavaros of Western Massachusetts. He has come up with an easy way to keep your back straight while digging out. Since he's fellow New Englander, you know he knows when it comes to snow!  

Remember: Consult a medical professional before trying something like this.



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