The Brady Bunch Theme Song can get stuck in my head for days! Here's my chance to test a new theory! Let's listen together and then see if it really works!

Wow right? Now comes the magic! That earworm is good and stuck in my ear, but according to researchers at the University of Reading, there is something to get it out. This!


Yes, GUM! Researchers found that chewing gum can help your brain think less about a song you've heard. I didn't have any luck but honestly, I didn't give it the time it probably needed. Three chomps in and I had to throw it away. Never chew gum discovered at the bottom of a winter purse that contains "sand". It wasn't sand so what was that crunchy stuff?! Oh well, I'll pick up a pack of fresh Juicy Fruit tomorrow and try again. In the meantime, I am suffering. "...the youngest one in curls..." is now playing in a loop. At least I'm not suffering alone. a full 90% of us have to deal with these annoying earworms at least once a week!

Here are some of the most common ones according to researchers:

  • "Single Ladies", Beyonce
  • "Bad Romance", Lady Gaga
  • "I Want to Hold Your Hand", The Beatles
  • "Let it Go", from "Frozen"

What song tortures you?! Comment on our Fan Page or tweet #earworm

...the cold never bothered me anyway...AAaaaarrgh!!


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