This was my Tuesday night dinner. Sriracha, a spicy power-condiment elevates boring old eggs into a culinary mind game of balancing heat and sweet. At least for me. Every bite is well thought out, because though I like the heat, it is a tad too hot for me to eat all on it's own. I have balanced this plate with homemade raspberry jam from my friend Vivienne. My eggs were hot enough that my upper lip and neck broke into a sweat, but the sweet raspberry jam was just the right relief!

I dedicate this blog to Sriracha!

Let's get to know our guest of honor!

Sriracha Facts:

  • It's pronounced see-ROTCH-ah.
  • Sriracha is the type of sauce and Hung Foy is the brand name. Don't be fooled by look alikes!
  • It's (surprisingly) significantly less hot than a jalapeno pepper. Red jalapenos are used to make it, but they lose some heat in the process.
  • The rooster logo is the Chinese zodiac sign of the sauce's founder.
  • The company's name, Huy Fong, was the name of the ship that the company's founder took to the U.S. to start his business here.
  • It's for everybody, even Bon Apetit magazine came up with 25 recipes using Sriracha and there are numerous cook books dedicated to it.
  • One ton of Sriracha is produced every hour! About 3,000 bottles are cranked out every hour, 24 hours a day, 6 days a week!
  • They so got Lay'd! I'm not talking about taking the condiment walk of shame. Their flavor won honorable mention in the Lay's flavor design contest. You can also enjoy their influence in products by Pringles and Kettle Chips and in the Sriracha Quesarito from Taco Bell.
  • Over 1,315 shelled out enough money through a kick starter campaign to get a film documentary made about Sriracha.
  • The name comes from a small coastal town in Thailand, Si Racha.
  • Sriracha is the number one hot sauce in the world, may be even the whole universe!

I bought Mark a Sriracha water bottle a while back. Check out more Sriracha swag!

It's a good burn with plenty of flavor. Try it on eggs, a burger, mac n cheese or birthday cake!

What do you put Sriracha on? Comment on our Fan Page, or tweet #srirachaidea


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