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Episode #6: What Does the Portland Time Temp Sign Say?
Once again, the Captain and Celeste are completely clueless to what the Portland Time Temperature Sign says. It's partly that it's too darn early, and partly that there are a few bulbs out on the sign. And, of course it's partly that it's that the Captain and Celeste are involved…
Tom Caron Talks Sox, Bruins and Getting Speared in the Jewels
NESN's Tom Caron joins the Captain and Celeste every Friday to talk New England Sports. Today Tom talked about Week One for the Red Sox (good!), and whether or not he likes Brad Marchand (he does..with conditions). Plus, in honor of the 2 game Marchand suspension, Tom helped us name our Theme W…
Tom Caron Talks Sox
Poort Tom Caron. It seems he couldn't get home this week with the Blizzard. Stuck in Florida with RemDog and the Red Sox. Tough duty.
Your Brush With Greatness
Thanks to everyone who came to BLM's Championship Celebration with Patriot James White. It got us thinking... have YOU had a brush with greatness?
Incredible Breakfast Cook-Off
It's back! WBLM and Maine Restaurant Week host the eighth annual Incredible Breakfast Cook-Off this Tuesday from 7-9AM. It's a great way to start your day and all ticket sales benefit Preble Street. Our good friends at Sea Dog Brewing Company in South Portland are hosting again and Ce…
Your Super Bowl Stories
Watching the Patriots game last night was an EXPERIENCE. All the emotion of being pumped-up at the beginning. Then the disaster orf the first half. Then nothing really happening in the 3rd quarter. THEN the amazing comeback in the 4th. This was WORK...

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