We had one of the most beautiful moments ever today on the Blimp Morning Show. A listener from Brunswick who recently lost his wife called in for a dedication. He wanted to hear Sunspot Baby from Bob Seger. A great song! And Celeste was so good with the guy. As he started to cry, Celeste consoled him and told him how lucky he was to have had that relationship. That not everybody gets that in life. Soooo sweet. It was really nice. A real moment with a loyal Blimpster. We played the song and then the Captain got the deceased women's name wrong in the dedication at the end. He called her Linda. Her name was Tina. And then it just got worse as the Captain played the WORSE death dedication of all time from the late, great Casey Kasem. In 5 minutes we all went from balling from sadness to balling from laughter!



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