Portland Police

Never Fear! K9 Barni Is Keeping the Portland Jetport Safe
It's great to know that our Portland Police Department is out there protecting our amazing city during this crazy time. These men and women are really showing their bravery by being right in the thick of it. We found this cute photo of KP Barni patrolling the Portland International Jetport. Loo…
Portland Police Need Your Help to Solve This Crime [PHOTOS]
OK this is pretty low. From the Portland Police Department Facebook Page:
"Attention Facebook Detectives! Does anyone recognize the male pictured here? He is suspected of stealing a Barbara Bush Childrens Hospital donation jar from the Dunkin Donuts located at One City Center on 05…
Portland Police Pull Over Delorean-Driver Excuse a Classic
Portland Police pulled over this Delorean over the weekend. You know, typical traffic stop. Except it was a Delorean, and we're guessing there are not too many of THOSE in Maine. I mean, how well do you think they handle in the snow?
What makes this routine traffic stop hilarious was the excuse…

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