At the beginning of April, the Portland Police Department put a message on Facebook about reports of people driving cars with out-of-state plates being "yelled at and even threatened for simply driving down the road". The fear of outsiders bringing the coronavirus along with them into our state appeared to make some folks' behavior irrational.

They warned that "This behavior will not be tolerated." and reminded us "There are many reasons someone may be in our state with registrations from another state."

Of course one of the "many reasons" might be that the person is driving a rental. We feel confident that most Mainers realize it's ridiculous to jump to conclusions when we see license plates from another state on the car in front of us. However, one clever woman from Bethel named Fran decided to make it crystal clear that she is from HERE just in case.

Like the Portland Police say in the post we mentioned above,

Here's the clever Fran from Bethel standing next to her rental car with NJ plates.

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