The poor skunk had a seltzer can stuck on his head like a helmet, and this officer went above and way beyond!

The Portland Press Herald says that Tracie Reed on the West End of Portland woke up to something going on outside her apartment. It was a poor skunk with a can stuck on his head and banging into recycling bins.

Tracie also saw 3 cops trying to figure out how to solve the little guy's problem.

Tracie said that they were strategizing for a bit. Either because it was a delicate situation or they were deciding who to send in.

We don't know the officers name, but he's a friggin' super hero.

In this video watch his move as he puts a beach towel over the skunk - then in one swift move, takes the towel off AND removes the can AND gets the hell out of the way before anything stinky happens!

Kudos to that Portland officer. I'm sure that isn't in any manual. The skunk was fine and somehow no one was sprayed!

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