People of the North Country rejoice! Our hero of winter has finally returned. After nearly 10 months out of the spotlight, the first major storm of the season is here. Of course our favorite foul-mouthed forecaster cannot stay silent on this one.

Fans have been asking us left and right, "Whatever the 'F' happened to the Hillbilly Weatherman?" Going on 5 years now, he really is one of the best things that happens around here when it sucks outside.

Even with all the different sources to get a report on what where and when and how much of the sh*t will be falling from the sky, Blimpsters aren't satisfied until they get a hilarious F-Bomb laden look at what's headed for us.

And now WBLM in association with WBLM is proud to present New Hampshire's own Adam Evans, THE HILLBILLY WEATHERMAN!


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