As businesses all over the state continue to figure out creative and safe ways to reopen for the summer, it would be really great if we could all do our part and wear a damn mask.

Maybe this new wicked Mainah mask from our friends at O'Chang Comics will be the one you'll proudly wear next time you head out into public.

It features a favorite character from the O'Chang Comics Temp Tales cartoons named Donny The Grumpy Maine Dad. If you grew up here, we’re pretty sure that this guy sounds just like your fah-thah or grand fah-thah. Jeezum crowbah bub, maybe this guy is you.

The scene on the front of the mask has Donny sitting in his recliner enjoying a cold one, with his faithful pooch laying down next to him on the floor.

Now even though he is relaxing in his favorite chair, don't you think he isn't watching to make sure you are following the CDC guidelines.

The message on the mask to us is eloquently stated in the most Mainah Dad way.


I'd love to have one of these on next time I'm trying to make sure I'm going in the right direction with the arrows on the floor in the grocery store aisles.

But I'll probably feel like a bit of a hypocrite not being at home and displaying that message. Maybe I'm overthinking it because this is just some very funny Maine shit right here.

Watch the hilarious Covid-19 PSA that O'Chang Comics released in early April to remind us be smaht.

Among Donny the Grumpy Maine Dad's warnings he says,

"Wash your grubby paws for at least 20 seconds". He also cautions any "city folks thinkin' about hidin' out up heah" that "we don't wanna have tah go all Vinalhaven on ya".

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